Research Topics of the 1st funding phase


The next table lists the participating researchers at RWTH of the first funding phase from October 1, 2018, until March 31, 2023, with there reearch topics.

Nr. Research Topic Principal Investigator
1 Novel Stabilized Finite-Element Methods for Microstructured and Complex Fluids Prof. Marek Behr, Ph.D.
2 Computational Tools for Chemical Imaging Prof. Dr. Benjamin Berkels
3 Model-Based Generation of Linear Algebra Software Prof. Paolo Bientinesi, Ph.D.
4 Modeling and Simulation of Solidification with Isogeometric Interface Tracking Methods Prof. Dr. Stefanie Elgeti
5 Boundary Conforming Smooth Spline Spaces for Isogeometric Analysis Prof. Dr. Leif Kobbelt
6 Metric-Based Anisotropic Adaptation for Optimal Petrov-Galerkin Methods Prof. Georg May, Ph.D.
7 Methods for Demand-Side-Management in Process and Chemical Industry Prof. Alexander Mitsos, Ph.D.
8 Constitutive Reconstruction for Evolving Surfaces Prof. Roger A. Sauer, Ph.D.
9 Nonlinear Reconstruction for Probability Densities in Rarefied Gas Flow Prof. Dr. Manuel Torrilhon
10a Model Order Reduction for Goal-Oriented Bayesian Inversion of with High-Dimensional Parameter Spaces Prof. Karen Veroy-Grepl, Ph.D.
10b Multi-Scale Modeling, Model-Order Reduction and Uncertainty Quantification for Transpiration Cooling Prof. Dr. Michael Herty
11 Model-Controlled Bayesian Inversion for Geophysical Inverse Problems Prof. Florian Wellmann, Ph.D.
12 A Hierarchical Framework for Bayesian Optimal Experimental Design Prof. Dr. Raul F. Tempone

Bayesian Model Selection for Complex Shallow Flow

Prof. Dr. Julia Kowalski