SSD Seminar Series with Atilla Sezen, M.Sc.

Monday, December 19, 2022, 4 to 5pm

On December 19, 2022 we welcome Atilla Sezen, M.Sc., Head of Group Green Hydrogen Service at Thyssenkrupp Nucera, Dortmund, as speaker in our SSD Seminar Series

The Seminar will take place in GRS Building, Room GRS001, Schinkelstraße 2a, 52062 Aachen.



Entry as CES Graduate in Plant Engineering Lifecycle Services

picture of Atilla Sezen, M.Sc. Copyright: © Atilla Sezen, M.Sc.

This presentation aims to give one example to the question ‘what entry and career opportunities does a CES graduate have’. For this purpose, the way to the CES studies, the contents in the CES studies, the personal career, and the positive aspects for the personal development of the author are considered.

Due to creating an interesting cv by building up a good foundation with the studies, adding (honorary) work to build up experience/know-how and create a broad network suitable career entry opportunities arise.

Good grades in science subjects at school increased the interest in these subjects, which led to a search for closely related courses of study. Quickly, mechanical engineering was one of the possible candidates to start studying. After getting in touch with the description of the studies Computational Engineering Science and a visit of the RWTH Aachen University the combination of mechanical engineering, numerics, computer science and the very good reputation of the university were convincing. This led to a CES Bachelor studies with the focus in flow and combustion and a CES master studies with the focus on mathematics.

With the practical experiences during the bachelor and master theses and the internship during the studies the entry in the Technical Graduate Program as Trainee at thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions was a great opportunity to build up experience/know-how and a big network fast. Through diligent work, constant networking and driving issues forward, various roles could be held, up to the responsibility of setting up a green hydrogen service team for a newly growing business field.